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Week #6 - Postgame Report

May 16, 2019

Game #3: Grenouilles Sauvages vs. Spray Tanchester United

Just one of many tight battles of the night, TanU pulled ahead and maintained a 2-1 Win over the Sauvages last night in Game 3. This win begins the Orange streak and keeps the elusive W away from team Green yet another week. The match itself was fierce on either end with strong performances by both teams and especially both back-up goalies Arakaza and Dolan. Luckily, savagery was kept to a minimum with minor penalties to both teams but frustrations kept in-check to the end. When asked pre-game if their teams were expecting to win, Grenouilles responded ‘We do!’ while TanU cheekily answered ‘Oui. Deux!’ #enfrancaissilvousplait

Week #5 - Postgame Report

May 10, 2019

Game #3: Panda Express vs. Dream Team

Game 3 of the night between the Pandas and Dream Team proved to be a battle of the keepers. In the end, there was no doubt as to who the better tender was as Team Black earned another clean sheet 2-0. Burgundy captain Mike Siwicki is rumored to be pouting still, to this day, as the Panda’s couldn’t score a REAL goal. Fortunately, for the Pandas, Burgundy couldn’t muster up ANY type of goal. Black continues ‘living the dream’, undefeated as Burgundy looks to dream up some ways to compete after dropping games to both the 1st and 2nd place teams.

Game #4 Spray Tanchester United vs. BLue Steel

Final game of the night saw the yet-to-Win TanU team face off against a shorthanded Blue Steel. Team Orange, full of color and ready to take down their first game, came out blazing and managed a 9-3 victory over the pursed-lipped Zoolanders. With players down including both of the Steel’s captains, Blue was left sucking wind as if they’d contracted the black lung. Some say the final score was excessive, but haters gon’ hate and the first W is step 1 in trying to Make Orange Great Again.

Week #4 - Postgame Report

May 3, 2019

Game #1: Yolks On You vs. Grenouilles Sauvages

Any game between a team with something to prove and a team with “the best player in the league” is sure to be intense, and the first match up of the evening lived up to expectations! With several of the Frogs out of commission for the night, Green made a sauvages move by bringing in GWLMISL Alum Gaetan Infantino in hopes the extra fire power would out-boot the prized right foot of Salman Riyaz. But Yolks on You, les Grenouilles, as the amphibians left the field with egg on their faces after falling short of the W by two goals for the fourth time in four matches.

Game #2: Panda Express vs. Spray Tanchester United

Once again, the pandas showed some killer instinct against TanU putting the game away 4-2. Both teams put a vast amount of pressure on the rookie keepers who were up to the task. Glenn ‘GAA’ Jewsbury made some miraculous saves on the goal line much to the dismay of super sub Steph Fraser who is still looking for her FIRST EVER GWL Goal. The game was never out of reach for Team Orange, but the Pandas made sure TanU would be walking into the sunset still searching for their first win.

Game #3:

Game #4: Dream Team vs. Can We Kick It?

In the last game of the night the Dream Team was facing Can We Kick It? The Kickers opened up the score with a play that can only be called “The Canlan Special”. However that didn’t discourage the Dream Team as they came back with a goal of their own from special forces Sargent Ramogi the sniper. The game went back and fourth until the middle of the second half where the Dream Team turned into a nightmare for the kickers and pulled ahead by two goals. In the final few minutes the kickers scored another goal but it was too little too late. For all the trash talking that took place before the game the teams shared a friendly drink as they reminisced about the 4 goals Mike Siwicki let in.

Week #3 - Postgame Report

Apr 29, 2019

Game #1: Blue Steel vs Grenouilles Sauvages

From Blue Steel:
Game 1 of the evening featured an exciting matchup between two teams yet to experience the sweet taste of victory this season; Blue Steel vs. Les Grenouilles Sauvages. Ultimately, the ridiculously good looking Blue Steel squad got the W, thanks in part to a stellar performance from replacement Janelle Pierce who scored 2, including 1 on her first shift of the season, and rookie captain Sean Seavers who somehow found a way to turn left and buried 2 lefties himself. Once again, the Blue Steel demonstrated their well roundedness with points from 7 different players as they fulfilled Udoka’s birthday wish of a Blue Steel victory.

From Grenouilles Sauvages:
It was a battle of the basement in the first match up of the night with the Male Models facing the Princes in Disguise. With both teams hungry for a win, it was sure to be a hard fought game, and it delivered. After losing their first round draft pick Taylor Williamson to an ACL injury prior to the season, the Blues welcomed GWLMISL alum Janelle Pierce to the catwalk and she rocked it – Pierce is fierce, folks! After gaining an early lead, the Blues sealed the Steel with a strong second half while the Frogs merely hopped along in a vain attempt to keep pace. After suffering a third straight heartbreaking loss, les Grenouilles look as flat as a failed game of Frogger and very much not Sauvages.

Game #2: Dream Team vs. Yolks on You

The beaks and trash talk were in full effect for the week leading up to match-up between the Dream Team and Yolks On You. Somehow Michael “thy baby” Siwicki and Rhys “I hit the net twice a season” DeGrave infiltrated the Yolks’ pre-game email string, only to add more fuel to the fire. The Dream Team’s star goalie and captain had made a bold statement in the weeks leading up to the season: “No team will score more than 3 goals on me.” Michael offered up a Keg dinner to certain members of the Yolks should this threshold be broken.

Both teams were equipped with their full squads and it was a fast-paced start. The Dream Team opened up the scoring with some fancy footwork by striker Ramogi “I scream loudly while I play” Nyonje as he undressed the Yolks’ defense and beat a screened Alex Anspikian. The Yolks answered back with newly minted Yolks midfielder Sean “I’m only out here for exercise” Brokop scoring with a soft left-footer that somehow fooled Mr. Siwicki. Shortly after, Kevin “I have great style because I’m French” Tuyisenge netted a beauty of a goal to put the Dreams up 2-1 at half. Things were looking good for Mr. Siwicki’s bold prediction, but there was a lot of game left to be played. Not to be outdone, the league’s all-time leading scorer and perennial goalie nightmare Salman “my hair always looks perfect” Riyaz buried 3 consecutive goals, after a flurry of near misses in the first half. Each team added one more goal: for the Yolks, rookie sensation Ryan Kehler unleashed a rocket that left little chance for the Dream’s keeper, and for the Dream, Evan Shaw netted one five-hole late in the game.

The damage was done and with a score of 5-3, the Yolks came out on top, thus breaching Mr. Siwicki’s self-imposed 3 goal threshold. An anonymous source close to the Yolks had mentioned they were considering changing their name to “The Real Dream Team” but this cannot be confirmed nor denied.

Michael – I will have the Sirloin Oscar… thanks bud.

Game #3: Gandalf's Goonies vs. Panda Express

The third game of the night was much closer than the final score of 5-1 Pandas would have you believe. The wizards were motivated after their unbelievable comeback win last week but couldn’t make the magic happen two weeks in a row.
The Pandas came out strong dominating time of possession but failing to capitalize as Team Grey continued to crowd the box and counter attack. At the half, the score was 2-1 thanks in part to an “own” goal from Panda’s defender Derrick Malis who was heard admitting “he did what he had to do” to keep egos in check. The second half was all Pandas as they showed they aren’t very cuddly netting another 3 which included rookie assist specialist Karl Sanderson’s first!

Game #4: Can We Kick It vs. Spray Tanchester United

Should Game 4 even count as a real game? The losing team says No. In a outrageously short-benched match between Can We Kick It and Spray Tanchester United, the final score was 4-1 in favour of team Pink. The scoring was one-sided early with TanU simply unable to find traction and that scoring touch – Probably using too much tanning oils. Unlucky for goal minder
‘Jello’, Orange was able to bury a late goal to avoid the shutout. Between both teams, the game was missing a staggering 10 players, with a silver lining of affording the Retiree/ League-Veteran Rafik the opportunity to sub into the league for the night. Reasons spanned sickness, vacation, unexplained, children, and even a posh tea party that all couldn’t be avoided. In reality we believe these players were trying to whip the rest of their teammates into shape with the extra field time.

Week #2 - postgame report

Apr 18, 2019

Week 2 fulfilled all its promises of exciting match-ups and results! Here’s a quick recap for all the overly-invested:

Game 1
Dream Team and Spray Tanchester United battled tightly with amazing performances on both sides having the game tied up at 3 towards the end. Unfortunately for TanU, and probably everyone on both benches gasping for air, there was too much time left on the clock and Dream Team pulled ahead to a 5-3 win. First star of the night goes to the Dream’s Ramogi with an impressive 4-goal game – Shawty is a 10 in my books. Sources say TanU was so choked they even left their clothes behind as they stormed out of the locker rooms.

Game 2
The Gandalfs managed a jaw-dropping last second win with 2 seconds on the clock to pull ahead 4-3 over Can We Kick It, also tying the game less than 10 seconds earlier than that! These wizards just wouldn’t quit and proved that balrogs like Burgundy couldn’t dampen their spirits. We spoke to Gandalf’s Vivek about the team’s incredible comeback finding out the following; Did you score the game-winner?? Vivek: “No.” Did you score the tie-up goal?? Vivek: “Also no, but I scored the first 2, sooo…” And he’s right folks, getting the first goals after the shutout last week are just as important! Team Pink was unavailable for comment, because I didn’t speak to anyone, and were presumably wondering if they could kick other things after their heartbreaking loss.

Game 3
The Yolkers bested the Blue Steels in a surprisingly high scoring 7-4 game on both ends. Not to be shutout again, team Blue stepped it up with an amazing performance and goals by many. Notable performances on Blue include Kukelko’s impressive run up line drive goal and Ashley’s first goal (on her own team, but a goal she wants noted). A special shutout shoutout to Udoka jumping in as backup goalie, albeit covering only 4 minutes of time. On the other side, the Yolks were eager for the win scoring within the first 30 seconds of the game – Or at least that’s what I was told, because I blinked and missed it.

Game 4
The last game of the night was also a nail biter with the Pandas coming out strong and maintaining the lead throughout. The Sauvages (*try not to read the word sausages) fought hard to a 8-6 result but were unable to keep up with the Express speeds. Monsieur Dauriac might’ve had a grenouille in his throat when tasked as backup goalie early in the game. And while I watched great goals on either side, such as Dan “Double D” Desrosiers’ Salman-esque cross corner goal, the commotion upstairs was focused solely on watching the Sauvages close the differential to less than 3 thanks to the underground pool known affectionately as Twyla’s Takes (I just made that up. Let’s see if it sticks.). A lot of people’s bonus question were salvaged with the final green goal.

Thanks for tuning in this week soccer fans. Great efforts by everyone last night!

If you have any interest in contributing to the weekly write-ups, feel free to connect with your Captains or the Conveners.

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