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Current suspension list & return to play date

Nov 8, 2017

Ron Clarke (Honey and Nuts) - 8 game suspension (match penalty).

Rory Kunderman (Wolfpack) - 5 game suspension (match penalty).

17 th annual Dakota Adult Winter League

Sep 11, 2017

Welcome to the new season!

Fall weather is in the air, More importantly rec hockey season is upon us!

Thanks to everyone for taking part in the Dakota adult hockey league's 17th annual season, and my 10th year running the league. Time flies (so much that my daughter started Kindergarten this week), and we are deeply appreciative to all the teams that come out and play each year. A few of the teams are still around from before I started, and we've had many teams join since. We are excited to get up and running for the season.

A few notes to highlight below:

- Teams are separated into 15 divisions. You can look through the divisions on the left side of the page to find your teams division (re-alignment will occur regularly throughout the season).

- Double check the rink location on your schedule under the 'schedule and game sheets' tab. This year the rinks being used are Dakota North and South, St Vital arena (580 St Annes Rd), St Norbert CC (3450 Pembina Hwy), Richmond Kings CC (666 Silverstone Ave) and River Heights arena (1370 Grosvenor Ave). The vast majority of ice is still at Dakota as per normal.

- No major rule changes, Visors are mandatory (grace period will be given until Oct 1). Players must all wear same colored jerseys with stamped on numbers to be eligible to play (grace period until Oct 1).

- Housekeeping - Clean up after your teammates in the dressing rooms. Never go onto the ice until Zamboni gates are closed. Do not spit on the benches. Make sure all teammates sign the game sheet and are listed with correct jersey number and name. Treat refs with respect!

I hope everyone enjoys the season!


204-254-1010 x 201


Sep 11, 2017

We here at Tapp's Neighbourhood Pub are proud to be part of our local community!

We are excited to be your Dakota Hockey League Headquarters!

We have team deals for you every day of the week rain or shine we will always have a frost cold beer waiting for you!

We have teamed up with Budweiser to offer you the best prices on beer around and to make sure all your teams needs are satisfied!

Come down to 1105 St Mary’s Road with your team signup sheet to receive your welcome package and we will take care of the rest!

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Anthony Knapp
Phone: (204) 254-1010 x201
Email: Anthony@dakotacc.com

Upcoming Games

Date Time Visitor Home
Feb 23 19:40 Gobs Icemen
Feb 23 20:50 Blue Duc No Finis
Feb 23 22:00 Degenera Yellow J
Feb 24 14:10 Wolverin Rummygat
Feb 24 15:20 River Do Flying J
Feb 24 16:30 Pipeclea Boozers
Feb 24 17:40 Jets B Pilots
Feb 24 18:50 Ek Knigh Shootin
Feb 24 19:10 Rum Dogs Point Br
Feb 24 19:40 Bulls Reacharo
Feb 24 20:00 Dirty Fi Wolfpack
Feb 24 20:20 Electric Mudd Dog
Feb 24 20:50 Mark it Dirty So
Feb 24 21:10 Bl4zers Dusters
Feb 24 21:30 Eh Team Cougar P
Feb 24 22:00 Master A Alaskan
Feb 24 22:20 Kenny Po Rummies
Feb 24 22:40 Wingmen Street S
Feb 24 23:10 Lady Byn Mighty D
Feb 25 18:50 Wpg Shoc Bloody S
Feb 25 19:10 Isotopes Flying J
Feb 25 19:20 Jersey S Here for
Feb 25 20:00 Miracle SMF
Feb 25 20:20 Shockers River Do
Feb 25 21:00 Crown Ro The Haze
Feb 25 21:10 Bl4zers Fighting
Feb 25 21:30 Jocks an Wolfpack
Feb 25 21:40 Swamp Du League M
Feb 25 22:15 Brentwoo Rink Rat
Feb 25 22:20 Cornhole Raging R
Feb 25 22:40 Mens Cho Ice Wolv
Feb 25 22:50 Thunderc Coureurs
Feb 26 19:10 Raptors Fur Trad
Feb 26 19:40 The OG M Toques
Feb 26 20:20 Grinders Poppins
Feb 26 20:50 Karma Ko Pipeclea
Feb 26 21:00 A-Style Red Ligh
Feb 26 21:30 Boozers 13 Guys
Feb 26 21:30 Rummygat Lakers
Feb 26 22:00 Gustos Silver B
Feb 26 22:15 Monarchs Lucky Pu
Feb 26 22:40 Dekes of Vikings
Feb 26 22:40 Wolverin Richmond
Feb 26 23:10 Inglewoo Kitten M
Feb 27 19:10 St James Easton F
Feb 27 19:40 Shake N Lumberca
Feb 27 20:20 GGSR WPG Pred
Feb 27 20:50 Joubert Les Mal
Feb 27 21:50 Cougar B B Pilots
Feb 27 22:00 Thundero Chiefs
Feb 27 22:40 Vif 4.0 Honey an
Feb 27 23:00 Shootin Predator
Feb 27 23:10 Knights Lube Kin
Feb 28 19:40 Pint Bla Lucky 13
Feb 28 20:20 Eh Team Desperad
Feb 28 20:50 Jets Tankers
Feb 28 21:30 Book Hoc Team DS
Feb 28 21:30 Wheatie Wombats
Feb 28 22:00 The Pylo Gobs
Feb 28 22:40 Ek Knigh Icemen
Feb 28 22:40 SMF Wpg Shoc
Feb 28 23:10 Here for Cornhole
Mar 1 20:20 Blue Mou Black Ac
Mar 1 20:50 Miracle Swamp Du
Mar 1 21:00 Jets Knights
Mar 1 21:50 Mens Cho Mighty D
Mar 1 22:00 Bloody S Jersey S
Mar 1 22:15 Rink Rat Cougar P
Mar 1 23:00 Street S Lucky 13
Mar 1 23:10 Poppins Pipeclea
Mar 2 19:10 Albino R Les Cure
Mar 2 19:40 Raging R League M
Mar 2 20:20 Dirty Fi Dusters
Mar 2 20:50 Voyageur Nads
Mar 2 21:30 Mooseknu Anchor A